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Pankake Images is the brainchild of Bryce Bullock. He created his company to launch his first full length paperback comic book that was created and written by him and inked and formatted by his father Demitrius for publishing.


Since the 1st issue of Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm, Bryce and family have completed and published an additional 3 full length paperback issues of the same series along with a traditional comic spinoff called Wasteland Inchworm, and Bryce has moved on to create a new series for slightly older children called Grave Mistake. 


The family is currently working on Issue #5 of Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm, Issue #2 of Wasteland Inchworm and Grave Mistake #2. 

"The next super hero's are on the scene! In this comic style read the illustrations is exciting, colorful and creative just like the tale of this father son duo."

           Toni Trower - Writer and Correspondent for The People's Voice

"The story was very easy to follow and funny. Bryce has a very creative mind. The artwork is awesome and fits the story. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing more." 

       Crystal Baynard-Norman, Poet/Artist


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4th issue cover.jpg
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Daddy Long Legs and The Inchworm ISSUES #1 ,#2, #3 and #4 

are available NOW online at and

Follow us for updates on the release date for ISSUE #5 and Wasteland #2


"The story is solid. Character development is there to stay. The motives of the characters are well-written. The illustrations are alive with energy. I would definitely suggest this and all future issues."

      Connor Paul


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